Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Art of Slowing Down

You must have witnessed a sunset at some point in your life. If you haven't, I'm judging you. Get into it! Find a perfect spot. Relax and observe. I've always been a sunset seeker; attuned to the manifestation of oneness with nature. We often get caught up with work or cram in as much as we can to be productive. It's like we're constantly stuck in a cycle of rushing things. But at what cost? Why feel guilty of slowing down to nature's pace and admire everything around us?

People are hardwired to tie self-worth to achievement, which leads to instant gratification. There is no single definition of success that is suitable for all — some may based it on wealth, professional accomplishment or fame. Here's the truth: We are afraid to escape the rat race for fear of being left behind. If life's pressures have got you in a headlock, you will constantly be anxious. When was the last time you enjoy the little pleasures in life? Drinking coffee, reading a book, taking a long walk or watching the sunset? If you ignore these moments, you are only left with frustrations, struggles and disappointments. Slow down. Stop rushing and start living. If not, you will probably find yourself looking back, feeling regretful and unsatisfied. Wishing you had dared to live a life true to yourself and not what's expected of you.

Fast forward to when we fit our whole lives in suitcases and grabbed the opportunity to be in the island. It was raining for the past few days due to Cyclone Gita. When the sky cleared up in the afternoon, we rushed to Grand Pacific Hotel and waited for the sunset over a few drinks and potato wedges. More people started coming out to the seaside by 6 PM. Suddenly, the sky turned sepia draping over the edges of the mountains. It was beautiful. Everyone marveled at the burning sky from fiery red/orange to the water's reflection capturing the glow. The drama didn't stop there when the sky eventually turned into dreamy pastel hues. At that moment, we were grateful for this little piece of heaven. Every city gets them, yet each one is a unique experience. Times like this it was only proper to say, "No filter needed."

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