Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Travel: Hong Kong

From a bustling financial hub by day to a gallery of neon-lit streets by night, Hong Kong holds a unique charm that enticed me from day one. Excluding the part when we got lost on the way to the hotel. We took the wrong bus and felt like lost souls walking around aimlessly. Not one local knew how to speak English. What is travel without challenge, right? Some of the greatest stories come from getting lost in a new place. Hong Kong may be a confusing maze but it will pull you back into its rich, intangible culture.

Trip to Hong Kong was a spur of the moment thing with my sister and fiancé. "Hey, let's go to Disneyland." "Okay!" Hotel provided a mobile phone with unlimited internet connection so we wouldn't have any trouble figuring out how to get from point A to B. Riding the metro turned out to be a breeze, too. It was my sister's second time in Hong Kong, which made things easier. There was a lot of walking involved more than our feet were used to. But, sightseeing in Hong Kong during December was the best. It's more fun to go out in cold weather for someone whose sweat glands are always out of control. Since they put me in-charge, I've arranged a list of places to eat and ticked off everything on the foodie bucket list. Hong Kong is such a gastronomical treat! I mean, WOW. Dim sum and noodles everywhere! Do not leave Hong Kong without trying out the street food market! You can see locals flocking the stalls, smell the aroma that emanates from the spices and hear the plates clattering. It was a total sensory overload!

I'd love to do a longer storytelling about this trip but the moment has passed. Booo me! I'm not really into posting throwbacks but Hong Kong was unforgettable for us. Wish I had the luxury of time (and effort) to update this blog. Anyway, let's talk about - DISNEYLAND! We went inside the Hyperspace Mountain since we're huge Star Wars fans and generally curious. Imagine the surprise when we found out it was a roller coaster ride in the dark. I've never laughed so hard that I was crying at one point. There's no denying the excitement I felt walking along the Main Street. Thinking about the fireworks right now makes me a tad bit emotional. It's official, Disneyland has turned us into kids again. Never mind the long dragging lines because when you're with the right people, who knew that being there would make us the happiest we've ever been?


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