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Your First Steps in Wedding Planning

I am one of those women who secretly keep a Wedding Pinterest Board long before I even dated my fiancĂ©. There I said it — shameful and out loud. Did my vicious pinning cycle help a lot with the actual wedding planning? DEFINITELY YES! Having a mood board is a great idea to create a visual concept of what you want to achieve. Suppliers will ask for your wedding "pegs" and all you needed to do is open the Pinterest app.

I got engaged late last year to the love of my life. He proposed in front of my family — very traditional, so sweet and perfect. My mom being the funny one asked him to put the ring again because no one took videos or photos. It didn't bother me that much, pictures or none at all. We'll always have our imaginary camera snapping that beautiful moment, forever etched in our minds.

We decided to have an ideal one-year engagement to give time for wedding preparations since we work overseas. I've been hearing the amount of stress every bride must endure on planning, budgeting and managing a plethora of checklists before the big day. I DO NOT WANT THAT! But let's be realistic here. It was really overwhelming and chaotic at the beginning so let me walk you through the first steps right after our engagement. Whatever happens, don't let that inner bridezilla come out of hibernation to ruin your wedding.


How much are you willing to spend on your wedding? You have to consider your savings and monthly income. Sticking to your budget is the trickiest part. The best way to handle your wedding budget is to create an Excel spreadsheet to track your spending. Don't forget to set aside for your future too!


Once you have a wedding date, picking the venue should be included in the first decisions you'll make as an engaged couple. Do your homework and scout a place that (A) fits your budget (B) aligns with your vision (C) convenient for the guests (D) accommodates the rough estimate of guest list and (D) hopefully, still not booked. 

We agreed on having a garden wedding facing the sea and an intimate dinner at the same venue. A standout reception menu is also our top priority. I'm not going to lie — whenever I attend a wedding, I always anticipate the food. I don't want the guests to remember our wedding with mediocre food. You may have the best wedding photos to post but do you care enough for the guests to enjoy dinner?


When your budget is clear, it's time to crunch numbers. FIRST: We listed down the names of people we wanted to see at the wedding from our closest friends, relatives to colleagues. SECOND: We followed a simple rule to trim down that guest list as painless and drama-free as possible.

Have you been in regular contact with the person and see yourself hanging out after the wedding? INVITE THEM.

Be realistic when it comes to the number of guests. The budget and venue size are the main factors into this decision. If you end up having more space for a few people, add them later on.


Our goal was to have our closest family and friends celebrate with us and have a good time. We wanted people to remember that our wedding was intimate, relaxed and fun. When you decide the central goal of your wedding, everything else follows along with it.

I was a bit confused between theme and a motif. People would repeatedly ask me, "What's your theme? And your motif?" Uhmm, aren't they the same thing? I guess a theme is whether you like beach, rustic, vintage or other offbeat wedding ideas. When it comes to motif, I believe what they meant is the color scheme. I have a life-long love for green. From there, I started coordinating some bold and neutral hues for that perfect color palette. You don't have to stick with one or two colors. But always think of the style, atmosphere and season. Opting for darker shades might not go so well with a beach backdrop. Try not to go color-crazy because not everything has to match perfectly.

If you feel that all the planning details are sucking away your energy, take a break and escape for a breather. Don't let it consume you. Long preparations can't really guarantee a perfect day. Weather forecast will change, hem of the bridal gown will rip, zippers will break ... I'm mentally preparing myself for the inevitable mishaps.

Remember what's important: Never lose touch with the person you're spending the rest of your life with. Wedding planning should be an enjoyable and smooth-flowing affair for the both of you.

Now that you've made all the decisions, here comes the fun stuff! Dresses, flowers, cake and a lot more. It's time to hire your suppliers. It's been six months for us and let's just say I already made 60% progress. I will try to get into details about it in the next post. Crossed fingers that it wouldn't take me months to write again.


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