Thursday, July 13, 2017

4 Tricks to Overcome Creative Block

Creative block or writer's block, we've all been in that crippling moment. It's not always a smooth ride for every creative professionals. Sometimes you find yourself sinking into that rut filled with self-doubt and frustration. It can be tricky to stay inspired all the time. When deadline is looming and your creative juices have dried up, what can you do?

Take Time to Recharge

First thing I did was to take a break. There's no sense of repeatedly beating your head against the wall. If you're struggling from the inability to stay focused, maybe you just need to walk away and come back with a clear head. Go out and do something else, meet with friends and maybe treat yourself with some ice cream. In my case, I prefer to stay at a cafe and watch people. Wait, it's not that creepy as it sounds. People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Again, it's really harmless... sort of a self-entertainment. I always thought creative people are the best observers of the world. You may likely pick up a few idiosyncrasies that would help spark a light to shatter that blockage. If you have the luxury of time and money to take a short vacation, grab it! Wander off. Don't let your thoughts be shackled by the familiar.

Explore Other Creative Sides

Don't wait for inspiration to strike. You need to cultivate it. Eureka moments usually happen when the mind isn't focused on the problem. Part of that comes when you place yourself in a different environment. Switch to an activity that you enjoy whenever you find yourself stuck on one thing. If your work involves graphic design, start taking photos in that interest. Honestly, there were days that I don't want to work. I can't even write a sentence to start my proposal. No matter how hard I squeezed, there's not a single drop of creative juice left in my brain. Then I started questioning my ability, "Am I really good at this job?" But I have to embrace fear, take in the pressure and get confidence back into my system. Activities like cooking, writing poetry and watercolor helped me a lot to break out creatively in other ways. Do something else that you're good at!

Sleep On It

Lack of sleep can be a factor in zapping out your creativity. Figure out how many hours you need to reach the peak of creativity level. I make sure I get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep. When you feel lacking in energy and need to recharge, take a nap. It's good for the brain and body. I'm a certified serial napper! There was a company I used to work located a few blocks away from my place. Sometimes I would escape for an afternoon nap during my break. Even a twenty minute nap can give you a fresh perspective on work. Trust me.

Change Your Environment

If you don't feel like being confined in a small space, try different working environments. Ask permission if you could take your laptop away from the office for a while. I always believe that a creative mind does not belong in a cubicle all day. I don't like to sit down and stare at my screen for eight hours. You can write from home, brainstorm in coffee shops, or head out to a park to draw. Sometimes all you need is to break the routine to shake yourself out of a creative slump.


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