Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Women Should Always Empower Each Other

It's common to see how women are constantly pitted against each other by the media. The notion of woman vs. woman is not particularly new.

"Who wore it best?"

"She's way thinner than her."

We often read fabricated rivalries between women. How about stop trying to make Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry happen? Enough with the Team Aniston and Team Jolie feud. All these ridiculous tabloid headlines will only initiate a fury strike among women. This destructive behavior perpetuates the worst aspect of our society — bullying.

In this day and age, blogging turned into a bit of a circus. I enjoy reading a handful of blogs from fashion, travel to beauty lifestyle for my daily cups of inspiration. I know women can be very competitive, but what upsets me the most is how some women think it's okay to be passive-aggressive online. All the snarky remarks and backhanded compliments portray blogging as one big high school drama rather than a professional landscape to promote respect and positive thinking. Women may not fight with their fists but can sure inflict emotional pain through words.

Unfortunately, other girls never grow up. It makes no sense how women hate on each other for no logical reasons. Is it about jealousy? Insecure animosity? You will encounter at least one female who will tell you how she survived a mean attack in the past. It hurts me to think that we have this kind of mentality where some girls prefer to be friends with boys because "girls have too much drama."  Women are stereotyped to be bitchy and catty, but let's change that. Enough with the icy glares and insults on other woman's appearance. If you care about making an impact in this world, start by setting a good example to the younger generation.

To those picked on by other women, whether co-workers, relatives or within your circle of friends, take a stand but don't be too aggressive. If bullying persists despite all of your attempts, walk away from the situation. You can't make the bully say or think whatever you want them to unless the change starts within themselves. It's easy for a Regina George to project her own negativity and inadequacy to a person whom she feels threatened with. Never fall for this psychological trap. The problem is not you, it's them.

We need to celebrate the lives, achievements and aspirations of women instead of brewing a silent competition. No one is winning a trophy in the end. That little boost of confidence you can give might be just what they need to feel more empowered. Women across the world have already transformed a lot of lives — in law, politics, tech and medical industries. Imagine what we can do more if we genuinely support each other and lean in.


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