Friday, June 17, 2016

Social Media Etiquette for Bloggers

Blogging allows you to show a side of your personality. It can be a very personal and fun platform to share a slice of your life. One of the most important rules you often hear is authenticity. No filter. No acts. No beating around the bush. But, being real means taking responsibility for your actions. Some bloggers think they could get away with nasty comments behind their computer screens. Others turned out to be a Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy. Don't get me started with the humblebragging. To all the bloggers, people who have been following you respect your opinions. Use this to your advantage by being a positive influencer.

Never air your dirty laundry.

Your blog is a space to express your opinions but be mindful and sensitive when you write about other people. Don't talk about how much you hate your boss or any issues with an ex lover. Spare your readers from any cryptic posts that could start bubbling up more drama. Posting angry updates about someone frequently backfires so take it off the page.

Stop throwing a pity party.

Nobody wants to read a litany of gripes. We all have our bad days and some may suffer from real depression, which is no laughing matter. Instead of dishing it out online, stay away from the internet and enjoy the sun. Come back when you have a string of inspiring words to tell. If you're going to keep complaining on how you look or what makes you feel fat, then do something about it and stop acting like the victim.

Easy with the humblebragging.

Instagram is like a giant humblebrag. We've been exposed to a lot of them. We're all guilty of becoming one at times. Yes, we get excited over our achievements and travel countdowns. We show off our recent purchases and collaborations. There's really nothing wrong with that. If you're going to brag, just be honest about it. Don't try so hard with your captions and avoid any faux-humble complaint with it. We get it, you're very #blessed and #lifeisgood. But when you humblebrag often, prepare for the eye roll.

Respond to criticism with respect.

Since not everyone is going to agree with everything you post, negative comments are bound to happen. Consider that a form of constructive criticism. Respect a valid argument, even if you don't share the same view. There will be times when you have to deal with the meanies whose goal is to put you down. Always be the mature one to handle this kind of provocation. Don't resort to profanity and insults. If they react aggressively, block them (Heehee!). For some, meanness has no end so it's better to ignore or confront them. Only you can decide how to respond.

Don't be a spammy self-promoter.

As a blogger who crafts my post with hard work, it's insulting to receive a comment that only says "Great post!" or "Awesome!" This is no better than spam. Others do this strategy to create a backlink that would boost their blog's ranking. Don't be that person. Read other blogs thoroughly and try your best to contribute something of value. This is a great way to start collaborating with other bloggers.


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