Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beginner's Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Starting a blog can be a struggle for people who are not experienced writers. In my younger years, I remember writing just about anything without any remarkable content and a few grammar blunders. These common slip-ups can instantly drive readers away. Not to sound dispiriting but people don't waste time on a blog post they don't enjoy reading unless you're a celebrity. Sure you can write personal stories, but in the end, your topics should always be focused on the reader's interests.

Find your blogging voice

Be yourself. There's no other magic formula involved. Stop trying to sound like the person you want to be or else, you'll eventually burn out. Your distinct voice is what sets you apart from other bloggers. Try this simple task. Imagine writing to a friend in the most comfortable way you can. Then read it out loud and ask yourself, "Is this something I would want to read?" The aim is to sound relatable as a human not a robot. You give people reason to care about you by cutting out all the pretense and fakery.

Inspire not intimidate

You don't have to be Shakespeare and intimidate people with your brilliance. Bragging is a huge turn off all the time. Strive to be influential by making your blog posts conversational without sounding uppity, persuasive without having to glorify yourself. You can incorporate your own experiences and expertise, maybe crack small jokes in between about certain issues. You'll be surprised how words can lift people's spirits up. Content is not enough to get readers to stay at your blog. You have to build a positive emotional connection by extending a hand to your readers.

Edit as much as you write

Hold off on hitting that publish button. First drafts aren't always that good. Take the time to shape up your blog post. Editing is far more than checking for typos and striking through sentences that don't work. Editing is looking into your blog post as a whole whether your ideas flow naturally together. Recent study reveals the deteriorating attention span of readers is now shorter than a goldfish. When dealing with short attention spans, see how you can simplify your thoughts barring any lengthy blocks of text. Hook your readers with a catchy introduction that gets straight to the point. Adding images to lighten the tone of your blog post would be the best spice.

Drop the thesaurus

Avoid using jargons and flowery words. You're not writing a novel or term paper. Don't slow your readers down with obscure terminology that has been picked up from a thesaurus. If you wouldn't use that word when talking, then don't include it in your blog post. Instead of trying to sound smart, loosen up your writing style and throw in some smart puns.

Writing can be tricky, so make sure you're doing things right. It can either enhance your online visibility or worse, pull you down. Technical parts in blogging don't make a post amazing. Let your ideas, tone and savoir-faire shine through in the topics you discuss. It takes commitment and discipline to post regularly but above all, have fun and go with the natural rhythm of the creative process.

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