Saturday, January 30, 2016

Travel: Musée du Louvre

We were off to a decent start in Paris by visiting Musée du Louvre. I booked this tour ahead through Flight Centre to avoid the mile long line at the pyramid. Our tour guide was the coolest with blue dyed hair peeking under her fedora hat, wearing structured trench coat paired with jeans and a casual backpack. Was it so wrong to be having initial thoughts on wishing her style would somehow rub off on me? These Parisians really do exude fashion chic and elegance. I remember her having a thick French accent but speaks softly and politely all throughout our ride to The Louvre. After only a few minutes, she had already walked us through the colorful history of Paris.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dubai Miracle Garden

I think there's nothing more calming and zen-inducing than spending your time in a garden of flowerbeds. If you want to cure any negative emotions, consider looking at an array of colorful flowers. I kid you not. Dubai is even the last place you would expect to find the world's largest natural garden. Who wouldn't be surprised though? We're talking about Dubai. Everything here is majestic. It's a "miracle" indeed for a desert city to be so much more vibrant.

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