Monday, November 23, 2015

Abu Dhabi Art 2015

Abu Dhabi Art kicked off at Manarat Al Saadiyat on 18-21 November 2015. I've been following this event since 2013 that amassed the best collection of modern and contemporary art installations, which are exhibited by galleries around the world. The programme also includes workshops for children, panel discussions and performance art.

I considered visiting an art gallery a fun and enriching experience. I don't identify myself as an artist, although I had a phase way back before I decided to devote myself in other field. I'll leave that title to the rest of my family who are far more talented than I am when it comes to painting and sketching. More importantly, my parents carved out a space in my life where they let the wheels of my imagination spin so I can find my unique side, embrace it and own it.

I look at art as an access to my mind's meditative state. It's like a self-exploration that leads me to some insightful conclusions about myself. That's the thing about art, you open yourself up to the possibility of being transcended into something much larger. You dig deeper into the thoughts, feelings, and values of the artists then use that kind of energy to boost your own creativity.

I suggest you visit an art gallery at least once in your life. Sure, you can view artworks online but it's not the same when you're only behind the screen. Spend a little time at an art gallery, talk with the artists involved and go through that isolated creative expression. If you enjoyed it, then I guess we'll see each other next year at Abu Dhabi Art.


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