Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Falling Back In Love With Blogging

Before "blogging" became popular in dot-com forms, I've been keeping a journal since grade school. You know the kind with a lock and key so no one could snoop your deepest secrets. It was sort of a personal habit for self-reflection and a way to remember things by documenting my day-to-day activities. Then Internet happened so I moved my thoughts online. My peak was during teenage years writing posts full of angst and pseudo poetry. I was so feisty back then not caring how much information I share out for the public to read. At some point, it became a cathartic release even if I don't have a huge following. Blogging turned a lot personal. That's when I had to stop myself and take a few hiatus in between. I tore down my emotional walls and allow myself to vent forgetting to shield some things from the Internet's prying eyes.

When I started working at an online solutions firm, blogging has expanded as an important part of the digital landscape. It opened new opportunities for businesses to tap into blogosphere to communicate and share information for their target audience. I get paid to do part blogging for companies. Everything I write should strategically cater to the readers and the search engine. It felt technical; So fake and worst, it became a job title. I lost interest in storytelling. Blogging was no longer a simple hobby but a business start-up. Some turn their blog into an income with profit-making tactics. Others want to establish a personal brand expecting a little something in return like freebies and event invites through sponsored posts.

Eventually, I was encouraged to buy my own domain and rekindle my love for blogging. But with so many blogs ranging from fashion to food, lifestyle and travel, where do I put myself in these? How do I stand out from a sizable portion of the most popular ones? Nobody would care about my ramblings and daily personal anecdotes anymore unless I'm a big celebrity. Also, people can be so critical nowadays.

Others may have the same content but you can stand out from the pack because of you. You are what makes your blog different. It's about your unique strengths and experiences, your own creativity and the value you add in every posts.

Blogs become successful due to specificity and passion, which makes personal blogs my favorite. Nothing creates a connection faster than the sharing of emotions. As a reader, I want stories that are not exactly meant for making money. Real and no pretensions.

I want this website to be a personal realization on how my own story is changing me. I want it to be the platform to recommend good things I have discovered. I want to offer something significant and meaningful. Somewhere along the line, I want to translate my writing into a positive and inspirational message especially for women. I believe, that's the most rewarding feeling.


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