Tuesday, September 1, 2015

30 Life Lessons I've Learned As I Turn 30

I turned 30 a couple of months ago.  For some women, this age means a deadline on things you should have done before saying goodbye to youth. I was expecting a tug of fear to take over. Surprisingly, a sense of liberation begins to settle in. I may not be at the place I imagined I would be when I was in my 20s. But that doesn't make me unhappy. The big 3-0 is a symbolic point that I was proud to embrace. I feel like I have mostly figured things out as I look back at my past decade of uncertainties. Although those years were fun, there were a lot of lessons I had to learn in retrospect.

Being 30 shouldn't be a tough age for us women. I feel much more in tune with myself - wiser, more refined and dare I say, empowered. I can't help but feel grateful over how far I've become. Here are 30 things I want all women in their 20s to know. Your decade can be the most challenging years of your life, but can also be the best. I survived my 20s and so can you. Hang in there! I'm taking you on a trip to Grownupville.

  1. You can't please everyone.
  2. Cut people out of your life who don't deserve to be in it.
  3. Your health is your most valuable asset. Look after it.
  4. If you want to be successful, hang out with positive people.
  5. Not everyone has your back.
  6. It's okay to say no.
  7. Start saving for the rainy days.
  8. Travel with every chance you get. Say yes to adventures and new experiences.
  9. You should never stop learning. Keep reading books.
  10. Be nice but don't let people take advantage of you.
  11. Not everyone who is an authority is always right.
  12. Heartbreak can be a blessing or a curse, you decide.
  13. Never put your family and loved one low on your priority list.
  14. Change is growth.
  15. Try new things, new skills you never thought you could do.
  16. Work smart, not hard.
  17. Don't compare your life to others. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  18. The past does not equate the future.
  19. Take care of your skin. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  20. If you're unhappy in a relationship or a job, you shouldn't be in it.
  21. You can have anything you want.
  22. Sleep trumps all of life's other pleasures.
  23. Passion can go a long way.
  24. Learn to enjoy your own company.
  25. Don't feel the rush to have a family or make babies. Settle only when you're ready, not because you're pressured.
  26. Being vulnerable doesn't make you weak.
  27. Avoid judging other women. We are all trying to do our best here.
  28. There's nothing wrong with charging money for your services.
  29. If you can't decide what to do, sleep on it.
  30. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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