Thursday, August 20, 2015

How To Avoid Post-Vacation Blues

Think of the beach, soaking up the sun with margarita in your hand. Now imagine the first day of getting back into your daily life routine. This thought could instantly turn anyone's face in utter cringe. I had a rough start digging through unread work emails after my holiday in Maldives. That feeling of weightlessness wishing you could extend your trip will burden you for days. You would even start to compare your vacation lifestyle with the realities at home. Let's be honest, it's just so hard to drop everything and go back to the familiar. What was the point of having all that pleasure if it can cause you such distress after?

Not everyone wants to talk about post-vacation blues. Others may see it as a "first world problem" or being overly dramatic. But it's real, depressing and downright brutal. If you ever feel sad after returning from vacation, you're not alone. Here are a few ways I've done to beat post-vacation blues and bounce back smoothly to my happy place.

Eat right
Poor diet can lower productivity, motivation and concentration. Pull your mood back into alignment with healthy food. Try preparing more home-cooked meals for a better control over the nutritional content. Cooking will also help clear your mind for a while.

Get some sleep
Jet lag can ruin your sleeping patterns. Plan a day of rest in between vacation and work. Take advantage of the free time you have to catch up on some proper night's sleep. Lack of sleep can often leave you groggy and grouchy.

Become more active
Avoid lying down in a dark room wrapped in a blanket all day. This will make your depressing state even worse. Get those endorphins running with a good workout session. Go out for a run, hit the gym or attend yoga class. You will feel better about yourself again by shedding those 'weight' souvenir.

Organize your travel memories
Instead of wallowing in despair, go through your travel photos or videos and reminisce the rich details of your trip. Cure the strong feelings of nostalgia by making a photo album or writing a travel blog. If you brought souvenirs, make sure to display those as well.

Start planning your next trip
There's no better way to cure a travel hangover by planning a holiday straight away. It doesn't matter if it's a simple weekend getaway or a big trip abroad. Having something to look forward to can potentially boost happiness. Think about the activities and holidays that you'd like to cross off the bucket list. More travels might lead to unexpected opportunities. You'll never know!

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