Saturday, September 23, 2017

How Much is Too Much on Social Media?

From lunches to vacations, everyone seems perpetually compelled to share every mundane detail of their lives on social media. I used to be one of those who clog up my friends' timeline gushing about my life. Until I realized how I managed to craft an online persona, which is very deceiving to others. We use social media to put an ideal version of ourselves while minimizing the negatives. I wouldn't post my weekend nights alone watching Netflix or whenever I'm feeling emotional. There's a place for that, it's called Twitter. (No, really. Hahaha!) Well, I did once out of anger but later regretted it. People only get to see my highlight reels, what goes down behind is a whole different story. I don't want to get chewed up by others for pointing out my privileges because who am I to call out people's behavior online? But here's where the problem lies within, where do we draw the line between sharing and oversharing?


Monday, September 11, 2017

Travel: Hong Kong

From a bustling financial hub by day to a gallery of neon-lit streets by night, Hong Kong holds a unique charm that enticed me from day one. Excluding the part when we got lost on the way to the hotel. We took the wrong bus and felt like lost souls walking around aimlessly. Not one local knew how to speak English. What is travel without challenge? Some of the greatest stories come from getting lost in a new place. Hong Kong may be a confusing maze but it will pull you back into its rich, intangible culture.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

This week marked my first month of being vegan. I didn't do it for the challenge, not even against a backdrop of hype, but rather a decision to live healthier. While everyone's body is different, I've seen progress in so many surprising ways. I am not here to discuss the specifics or the nitty-gritty of basic nutrition. My only intention is to share my personal journey on why I'm staying committed to a vegan lifestyle.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Recipe: Tofu Scramble

Ever since I turned vegan, I always look for something quick to prepare for breakfast. Scrambled eggs were my ultimate go-to meal growing up. They're the king of the breakfast table! In my case, I used to have it for lunch or even dinner. But, I need to overcome that phase and start "veganizing" my options. I thought eggs and cheese would be the hardest for me to give up. Then I got over it in a snap and didn't look back. Being vegan, the possibilities are endless! Anything you crave, there is always a substitute including scrambled eggs.

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